Actors, Musicians, Choreographer Volunteers

  • Actors
    • From the highly experienced to the novice, the Temple Civic Theatre is always looking for talent to fill our stage in straight plays or musicals.
    • Our Managing and Artistic Director is specially trained to help our volunteer actors perform at their very best,
    • If you do not have acting experience, a great place to start and learn about how a production comes together is through one the many volunteer positions listed on our website.
  • Musical Director/Musicians
    • Coordinate music rehearsals with the rehearsal accompanist
    • Teach vocal parts to the cast
    • Live music is frequently used during Temple Civic Theatre productions and requires highly competent musicians for all instrumentation.
  • Choreography
    • Choreographing and teaching dance numbers to actors or participants in special events that may range from novice to seasoned dancers.
    • Ability to effectively use and maximize the visual presentation using the Temple Civic Theatre’s thrust stage.


There will be 2 evenings of auditions for each show. Keep both evenings available in case you are called back for the director to see more. If you are new to auditions, please arrive 30 minutes before the listed audition time on the first night. Natasha Tolleson will be available to explain the audition process and answer questions.

Read the character list and synopsis online to be familiar with the show.
Listen online to the music of the show.
Plan to sing a song in the style of the show. Sing only 1 minute of the song you choose.
You may sing a capella or with background music. Please choose a karaoke version of your song and have it set to the place you’d like to begin singing, There will be a Bluetooth speaker available for you to play your music from your phone.
Dress for movement. We will teach you a short choreography section. Wear closed-toe shoes and dress in clothes that you can move comfortably.
You may be asked to read a section from the script.

Read the character list and synopsis online to be familiar with the show.
You will be given a scene or monologue to read from the show.

***Parents… if your child is cast in a show, be prepared to volunteer for rehearsals and/or performances.