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  • Actors
    • From the highly experienced to the novice, the Temple Civic Theatre is always looking for talent to fill our stage in straight plays or musicals.
    • Our Managing and Artistic Director is specially trained to help our volunteer actors perform at their very best,
    • If you do not have acting experience, a great place to start and learn about how a production comes together is through one the many volunteer positions listed on our website.
  • Musical Director/Musicians
    • Coordinate music rehearsals with the rehearsal accompanist
    • Teach vocal parts to the cast
    • Live music is frequently used during Temple Civic Theatre productions and requires highly competent musicians for all instrumentation.
  • Choreography
    • Choreographing and teaching dance numbers to actors or participants in special events that may range from novice to seasoned dancers.
    • Ability to effectively use and maximize the visual presentation using the Temple Civic Theatre’s thrust stage.