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The technical crew is the group of individuals that work to create the world where a production takes place. This may include set construction, painting, lighting, sound, and special effects. All of the positions below work under the training and supervision of the Temple Civic Theatre’s Artistic Director and the Technical Director. Experience is not required but attention to detail is a must!

  • Lighting Technician
    • Hanging and focusing stage lighting instruments from the light grid
    • Execute light cues during a production
  • Sound Technician
    • Gather and program sound cues and music files into the production software
    • Execute sound cues during a production
  • Prop Master
    • Gather and organize props that appear in a production
    • Ensure props are appropriately placed on stage as desired by the Artistic Director
    • Organize prop tables for the actors to access during a production
  • Properties and Production Crew
    • Under the guidance of the Artistic Director, execute carefully choreographed set changes
    • Assist the Prop Master or Technical Director as needed
  • Costume Designer and Crew
    • Gather, alter/fit, and otherwise work with the Artistic Director in organizing the costumes required for a production
    • Assist actors with costume changes during a production
    • Sewing skills are certainly a plus but can also be taught
  • Set Construction and Painting
    • Assist the Technical Director in building the set pieces used during a production. It is important to note that power tools are used in the theatre’s shop and stage during the building of a set. Many can cause significant injury and while we welcome volunteers interested in learning new skills, carpentry skills are preferred
  • Hair and Make-up
    • Assist the actors in show preparation by providing hair styling and make-up application
    • Depending on the show, the hair and make-up team may be required to assist in changes during a production
    • Knowledge of hairdressing and stage make-up application is beneficial
  • House and Grounds
    • The theatre experience begins before a guest walks in our doors. House and Ground volunteers work with a board appointee to ensure the building is well maintained and the grounds are neat in appearance.
    • Basic carpentry/repair skills are beneficial
  • Stage Manager
    • The Stage manager is the quarterback of all productions. This requires a highly organized and detail-oriented individual that can attend all rehearsals and performances
    • Take careful notes on staging (blocking) and choreography
    • Call sound and light cues during a production to the technical team
    • Assist with lines as memorization milestones for the actors occur